On Grown and Flown…and America’s Grow A Row


I’m so excited to announce that I’ve been published as a contributing writer to Grown and Flown! Yup. Like a real life writer. I’m a wee bit excited.

I was recently making a joke about some remedial parenting I needed to catch up on before my kids are off to college, and a friend laughed and said, “Oh that sounds just like Grown and Flown and that article about the toaster”.  I raised an eyebrow. I did not know the article about the toaster. When I found it (you can find it here), I laughed out loud, sighed with relief that I was not the only parent thinking these things, and sent it to my children and husband. I titled my email Life Lesson Number One (we have some catching up to do).  Grown and Flown has been a great source of laughter, solace, and inspiration as my kids get older. I was thrilled that when I decided to pitch an article to them it was enthusiastically accepted.  Breathe in (read), Breathe out (write).

My latest writing explores how to get my teenage son to spend time with me. And make the world a better place. Mixing together a chance to share time with my teenager, reinforce the value of service, and volunteer work to help feed the hungry with an amazing nonprofit – America’s Grow A Row, truly hit my parenting sweet spot. To read my article please follow this link. Thank you for reading – and Onwards!



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