Colleen Markley is a novelist, blogger, and freelance writer living in New Jersey.  Her latest novel, Lilith Land, is a story about the end of the world where only the women survive. (It’s a novel, not an action plan).  Colleen also writes a blog entitled www.YesItReallyHappened.com, a comedic and thoughtful look at life around us.  In addition to presenting stories that are funny, relevant, and connective, she also volunteers with numerous organizations in the community that are dedicated to making the world a better place. A graduate of Boston University, Colleen studied screenwriting for film and television. She is the recipient of the Boston University Screenwriting Achievement Award, as well as the “Blue Chip Award,” the most prestigious honor offered by the College of Communication.  Colleen previously worked at Thirteen/WNET, the public television station in New York City.

Are you an agent or editor or publisher who wants to connect? Wicked. colleenmarkley@yesitreallyhappened.com

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