Funny Husband Tidbits


elfApril 2013
Back from a truly fabulous spring break trip in Ireland. Kids seem to be the only ones not feeling the time difference. After bragging that he hadn’t been sick in five years, Brian caught the “but I had the flu shot” Flu on the way home. He’s calling it 24 hour Leprechaun Flu, but I think it should be called Drinking From the Common Communion Cup on Easter in Ireland Flu. This is what happens when you brag that you’re never sick – God spites you with Communion Wine Germs. I’m also pretty sure that is how the Bubonic Plague started. Of course now Brian claims that his heroic immune system knocked it out in 24 hours. I suggest no one drink from the same cup as him for awhile.

February 2013
Love when Brian is home to negotiate the kids arguments with each other. He just offered them each one more rebuttal….

April 2011
I admit that putting the rocks Alex collected into a food tupperware was not the best move in hindsight, but I don’t think I could have foreseen that Brian was going to try to eat one thinking it was broken pieces of chocolate bunny. Surprisingly he kept chewing, later explaining he thought it was unsweetened. Yes, it was.


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