Favorite Katie Quotes


katie at dannys weddingKatie: MOM! ALEX IS MAKING ME SO UPSET!
Me: Katie, only you can make you upset.It’s up to you not to let him bother you all the time. You’re in charge of your own emotions.
Katie: That’s not true!
Me: Yes, Katie, remember in the Princess Barbie Charm School movie? Blair told all her friends that they were in charge of their own feelings and not to let other people bother them!

age 5:
Me: Katie, the laundry is all washed, dried, and folded, could you please help me put it away?
Katie: No, mom, I only like pretend games.
Me: Ok, let’s pretend we’re in a hotel and we work there and we’re doing our work together.
Katie: Great idea mom. I’m going to pretend I’m on my day off.

age 5
Katie just asked me what Mrs. Claus likes to eat, because she’d like to put food out on Christmas Eve for her too, since Katie is sure that Mrs. Claus does more work than Santa…

age 5
Kate just had a full-blown, pounding the floor, throwing toys temper-tantrum instead of quiet time-out like I “suggested”…. So I told her that she needed to pull herself together otherwise I would be donating one of her toys to someone else. She told me that wasn’t a good idea “because those kids are just whining too”.

age 4
Katie: “What do zookeepers feed to the bears?”
Me: “If you were a zookeeper what would YOU feed the bears?”
Katie: “HUMANS!”

age 4
Brought Katie for her annual blood test this a.m. (checking for Celiac levels and titers for pre-GF diet vaccines) and when she started stamping her feet before getting on my lap for the actual blood draw I tried reminding her that she had told me she was not going to cry and she was going to be brave. She said “MOMMY, I am NOT crying, I am JUST ARGUING!”. That’s a lawyer’s daughter for sure.


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