Favorite Alex Quotes


alex cactusDecember 2012:
Tired of the bickering, I told the kids that there would be a competition for best-behaved child during dinner. Alex’s immediate response: “Mom, can I pour you a glass of wine?”

Brian: Come on, Alex, we have baseball at 9 today. Time to finish breakfast. Alex: Dad, we are FREE PEOPLE. I AM NOT A SLAVE.

Alex, age 7, Katie, age 4:
Not sure which part of my dinner conversation was more entertaining: Katie wanting to know what happens if doctors do “practice tests” on people and then the patient dies, or Alex explaining that the doctors are “covered” as long as they don’t lie to their lawyers, because you should NEVER lie to your lawyer.

What Alex said to his dad this evening before bed: “So Dad, if the dictator in Egypt has left, does that mean everyone is just running around with no rules and eating hot dogs?”


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